French Dressing Jeans Trunk Show

fit blogWe recently had our first trunk show with French Dressing Jeans. Two representatives came, from FDJ and their sister company Renuar, and helped fit our customers in all of their different sizes of jeans. It was very helpful for us to be able to learn more about which fits in the jeans work for which body types. FDJ supports breast cancer research, and all of their body styles are named after breast cancer survivors. We learned that Suzanne has the highest rise, and works for a taller lady or a lady with a little more of a tummy. If you like that longer rise, but not a longer length, they are also available in petite. We learned that the Suzanne petite works for a lot of our customers. A curvier girl, who has a smaller waist but larger bottom or hips, works best in a Peggy. Do these not sound like you—you don’t need extra rise or extra curves, you’re probably an Olivia, the company’s most popular fit. They also make a higher end fabric called Love denim that is wonderful! Instead of spandex, which can stretch out, they have a high lycra content, which can stretch and not lose it’s shape. If you haven’t tried any FDJ jeans yet, come in and let us help you find your perfect pair!

Sympli Trunk Show


We had a great time at our Sympli trunk show! They featured a new division of lightweight sweaters mixed with their traditional jersey material in a variety of styles, with their typical asymmetry and drape. If you missed it, we have new jersey styles in stock now, and the new sweater items will be in stock in October. Looking forward to the Janska show next!

Trends for Fall 2014

It's time to start dressing for fall, and their are some very wearable trends this year. There is something for everyone as far as color in concerned, with rich red & blue jewel tones, as well as pastels, complemented by dark grey neutrals. It's supposed to be a cold winter, and the designers responded with "sweater dressing," lightweight sweater knits that can be worn head to toe, "Aspen chic" looks, like fleece from Janska, and glamorous capes to top off any look, from dressy to casual. Matching sets are back in style, with more updated looks than the matched sets of the past, and you can always mix up that look with a fabulous piece of handmade jewelry from Town & Country

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Sympli the Best


As most of our customers know, Sympli is a line we couldn't live without. It is made up of coordinating styles, primarily in a jersey knit, available in a multitude of rich colors and versatile neutrals. It washes, wears, and drapes beautifully, and has styles designed to fit any figure. I have never appreciated this quite so much as I have in the last few months of pregnancy. Until I was about seven months pregnant, you couldn't even tell I was pregnant when looking at me from the front.

From the side, I am huge, but even the miracle of Sympli can only accomplish so much. The real beauty of the line is that it works for me, even at my current size, yet is still appealing to my size 2, 18-year-old employee. The more conservative styles work for our ninety-year-old customers, who can order dyed-to-match basic jackets, shells, skirts, and pants, yet our more updated customers can order their funkier styles in more unusual color combinations and mix-and-match them with jeans.

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Colors for Every Skintone

One of the most frequent doubts we hear from customers, is about which colors don't look good on them. Often we hear women say that their mother told them they couldn't wear a certain color...nevermind the fact that was thirty years ago, and their coloring has changed completely. Worse yet, we sometimes hear women say they "had their colors done" (in the 1980's), and that they are a "fall," and can only wear certain colors...again, your coloring changes as you age, not to mention this type of color-profiling can be very limiting! Usually women can wear more colors than they give themselves credit for! Just give them a try, trust your own instincts, and enlist a trusted friend or salesperson (ours will be honest with you!), and you might be surprised by what you find out!

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Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

Mesh—think spring layers—slimming, cool & airy

Suits—contrast fashions mix-and-match attitude with head-to-toe color

Pastels—soft, fresh, and easy-to-wear

Black & White—can't-go-wrong classic

Athleticism—sporty chic (accessories count!)

Geometric Prints—bold & modern

The Nineties—grunge grows up with soft chambray shirting

Button-Ups—go to pieces to polish your everyday look

Biker Jacket in Anything but Black—try cream lace for a fashionable juxtaposition

The Voluminous Pant or Skirt—the antidote to all of our skinny jeans & tunics

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